What Is Priority Capital?

Priority Capital, LLC is your local and reliable provider of Debt Negotiation and Credit-Debt Counseling Services in the face-to-face Credit Counseling and Debt Negotiation Arena.   Our NACCC/IAPDA certified field representatives, arbitrators and credit counselor’s thank you for the opportunity to prove our worth by providing you the demonstrated results you deserve as a tax paying American citizen.  You work hard every day to give back to our economy and society. Therefore you deserve to live the American dream as it has always been: Financial Prosperity.  Priority Capital.


Priority Capital, LLC has a long and prestigious one.  Our executive team has countless hours of face-to-face experience in consultation, helping consumers eliminate their unsecured debts through hands-on analysis and demonstrated results in negotiation.  As any viable credit counselor should, Priority Capital assesses your personal credit-debt situation, and customer tailors a payment plan and program that works best for your financial goals and ability to pay.  The top management of Priority Capital has come together to bring consumers an exciting and empowering new perspective to debt resolution that has taken years and countless efforts to perfect.  Trust the professionals with the credentials and experience.  Priority Capital.

Why Priority Capital?

Our focus on “credit-debt” counseling targets permanent solutions through education.  For this reason we certify our face-to-face representatives through the National Association of Certified Credit Counselors (NACCC).  When you are addressing the very difficult situation that is debt resolution, we aim to go one step further with our debt negotiation services.  By becoming less dependent on credit use and more focused actual savings and budgeting, you are treating the underlying issue that has created the credit debt problem in the first place.  After years of experience in the field our team of professionals has come to the conclusion that to truly eliminate revolving credit debt, one must diagnose the cause, educate, treat the source, and implement healthy financial habits for the future.  This is the only true way to ensure the resolution of debilitating revolving credit debt.  The priority is to gain capital, not just eliminate debt: PRIORITY CAPITAL.


Priority Capital may eliminate the following kinds of debt, and more:

  • Credit cards
  • Medical bills
  • Collections bills
  • Unsecured lines of credit
  • Personal loans
  • Certain business debts
  • Certain judgments
  • Certain Student loans
  • Repossessed vehicles and lease balances
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